Character, Leadership & Civic Engagement

Connecting in today's world is both challenging and essential. As our world grows smaller many youth are experiencing a real and greater disconnection within their community. Metro Detroit Youth Clubs help Club members build and expand a reliable and supportive network. Understanding and accessing the democratic process in a way where youth find their voice and influence and impact today's issues helps address the destructive nature of feeling isolated.

There is a healthy power that develops when youth are engaged and involved in the leadership process. Our communities are strengthened when youth are involved in identifying and addressing concerns and opportunities.

Omega Si Fi Fraternity Mentoring 

Metro Detroit Youth Clubs' partnership with the Omega Si Fi Fraternity at our 'field Zone Club in Southfield is a powerful opportunity and a life changing experience for our Club members. Meeting once weekly throughout the year, participants grow tremendously as they learn life skills, address the most pressing concerns facing todays generation and form deep connections with an adult network of mentors dedicated to service.

Donald M. Reid Leadership Programs

Building on decades of success under the leadership of Donald M. Reid, Metro Detroit Youth Clubs provides our teen membership with opportunities to develop their opinions and express their voice, establish their core values and to engage in meaningful community service and advocacy.

Member of the Year

Since our founding in 1958, Metro Detroit Youth Clubs have selected one Club member to be our Member of the Year. Often recognizing a junior or senior in high school, the Member of the Year Program inspires the entire membership. Metro Detroit Youth Clubs welcomes the incredible commitment from Oakland University to offer a scholarship beginning with the 2020 Member of the Year. The demonstration shared by each Member of the Year is inspiring as they have overcome incredible obstacles in their life and have pressed on to greater personal achievements.