Academic Achievement Programs  

These programs help youth create aspirations for the future, providing opportunities for career exploration and educational enhancement.

Career Exploration

Through intentional engagement of our Club members with committed partners from the world of work, our Club members discover the diversity of opportunity through field trips, workshops and innovative approaches designed to open the imagination and understanding of the larger world.

Tomorrow's PromiseTM

Tomorrow's Promise provides our early teen Club members with a six-week training program designed to introduce and develop work-place experience. Our Tomorrow's Promise participants establish a positive performance record, develop their own resume and gain an understanding of core employment values.


Metro Detroit Youth Clubs work with leading financial institutions to provide financial literacy programs for our Club members starting with our 4th grade members. We intend to bridge the major gap our Club members face related to debt, savings, financial basics and freedom through prosperity. We believe in a bright future for all of our Club members. We understand the compounding benefits of making wise financial decisions early on in life.

STAR ClubTM (Students Taking An Active Role)

Hundreds of volunteers support our Club members every week by serving as tutors and academic mentors. These volunteers provide support daily at our Club locations. Individualized attention and engaged volunteers working with our Club members increases academic performance, improves school attendance and develops a love for learning. This results in our Club members graduating from high school and continuing to pursue learning opportunities through adulthood.