We believe in an outcome-focused approach. We use research to strengthen mission and best serve our Metro Detroit communities.

It is imperative to understand who is coming through our doors each and every single day. With over 2,200 Club members, we want to make sure to offer services that serve each community appropriately and intentionally.

Serving youth through locations in Detroit, Royal Oak and Southfield, MDYC’s approach is to help our members learn, grow, lead, and succeed in life.

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Program Data

We track Club programs and record attendance to most optimally serve our Club members. This includes a deep dive into programatic data, demographic data, and data outside of the Club (e.g. school records).

Experience Data

Measuring safety, sense of belonging, fun, and connections to the Club helps us understand and improve the Club member experience. Our members are our focus and their great experience is our North Star.

Staff Climate Data

Our staff's deep connection to mission is our secret sauce. We measure the staff's engagement, motivation, and aggregate feedback, all of which helps our members obtain a high quality Club experience.

Financial & Donor Data

Realizing performance goals is critical for any nonprofit/business. Our tracking databases integrate to help us maintain positive relationships with donors, grow Club operations, and meet revenue goals.


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Hear From Our Chief Research Officer

mission + research = MDYC formula

How do we build outcomes?

Meet the MDYC
2020 Research Agenda

Metro Detroit Youth Clubs provide quality programs serving youth that need us most. Our promise as an organization is to provide a safe and accessible space where transformation can occur. Realizing our mission requires a thoughtful approach on how to maximize impact, which is best supported through evidence-based programming, research, and mission-focused operations. By analyzing the meaningful data tied to our youth, we can more effectively support the Club, strategic vision, and continue to cement the mission of the organization in the communities we serve.

Where the organization goes tomorrow will continue to focus on where it is needed most, and which programs are offered will address the gaps offered in today’s youth programming. As an organization focusing on only serving youth, our charge is to open doors and provide opportunities for all of our Club members. Our research agenda describes our overall approach to research and examines ways the organization can utilize empirical data to better fulfill its mission. We believe in our mission, and we execute that mission by making sure we provide for the best Club experience possible. Driven by mission, backed by data, and focused on youth.