Jack Aronson

We are truly heart-broken by the loss of an incredible human being, a man who lived large by taking up home in our hearts.  Jack Aronson had an insatiable drive that was fueled by endless creativity.  Jack poured his heart and soul into everything that mattered to him. Jack and his greatest love, Annette, his wife and soulmate of 33 years, grew their family, nurtured their businesses and fed and prospered so many causes and communities.  Jack saw solutions and possibilities when confronted with need.  When tempted, Jack and Annette always chose their employees needs and placed principle above all else.

Now is a time for mourning.  And yet, we can feel Jack’s powerful presence right here and right now.  He deeply understands our need to grieve.  And just as he would on the ball field, he would put his arm around us, look us in the eye with that big, warm smile, and he would say, “Let’s take some swings and make a difference.”

We love you, Jack Aronson!  We love what you taught us.  We love the legacy you built.  Jack, you changed our lives for the good, forever.  You will be missed but we can never forget you.  We can hear you now, “Enough about me, now go do some good!”

Memorial Service Information

Services begin Friday, August 13, at 11 a.m. Guests can begin arriving at 10 a.m. Masks are mandatory.

St. Patrick Catholic Parish Church
9086 Hutchins Road
White Lake, MI 48386

General Information

Metro Detroit Youth Clubs depends on contributions from our community to provide after school activities and facilities for more than 2,200 youth. We are a registered 501(c)3 organization and all contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the law. Our Federal Tax ID number is 38-157-9180.

The MDYC Mission

The mission of the Club is to empower youth to reach their full potential through safe, accessible, and inclusive experiences that open doors to a bright future, enabling every Club member to graduate from high school with a plan for college or career, contribute to their community and live a healthy life.

Serving Metro Detroit

Metro Detroit Youth Clubs serve 5 locations in Metro Detroit. Building on 60 years of serving Metro Detroit youth, we are guided by our mission-focused, evidence-based programs focusing on: literacy, mental health services, mentoring, workforce development, and play opportunities in health and fitness.

Your Impact

The Club provides programs and services for an Annual Membership Fee of $50. Our actual cost is nearly $500 per Club member. Your investment enables the youth to have a safe place to turn to as they begin to navigate their future. Thank you for your support of the Club and our incredible youth.